As Lutherans, we believe God's Holy Spirit is given in the sacrament of Holy Baptism. In the waters of baptism, God makes people members of the family of faith. For infants and children, parents and sponsors make certain promises for their child and specific promises of responsibility for the growth and nurture of their child in the life of faith.

Desert Cross offers baptism for infants, children and adults. All are welcome! Baptisms are celebrated as a part of our regular worship services. To prepare for the service of Baptism, you are invited to attend a Baptism Seminar for parents. 

We are offering four classes a year (2 in Tempe, 2 in Gilbert).  You can attend the date that works best for you at either site.  *Your child's baptism will be scheduled after you attend the seminar.

Baptism Seminars:
April 28th 2019  10:30-11:15  (Tempe)
June 23rd 2019  10:45-11:30 (Tempe)
August 11th 2019  10:15-11:00 (Gilbert)
November 10th 2019  TBD  (Tempe)
February 2nd 2019  TBD  (Gilbert)

For more information and to RSVP for a Baptism Seminar, call Shannon Fossett at 480-730-8600 or email