• What is WEogether? At Desert Cross our Sunday morning ministry is called WEogether. WEogether is so much more than Sunday School. It includes three key ways of practicing our faith, and we do it TOGETHER! We Worship Together. We Learn Together. We Serve Together.
  • WEogether strives to help all of us fulfill our Baptismal Promises.

    When a child is brought for Baptism, we are entrusted with some very important responsibilities.  Those responsibilities are listed during the Worship Service and include:
    to live with them among God’s faithful people,
    bring them to the Word of God and the Holy Supper,
    teach them the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments,
    place in their hands the Holy Scriptures,
    and nurture them in faith and prayer,
    so that your children may learn to trust God,
    proclaim Christ through word and deed,
    care for others and the world God made,
    and work for justice and peace.

    These promises are made by the parents, the sponsors, and the Congregation.  ALL of us promise to support the faith development of those being baptized.  That means being welcoming to all in worship.  If kids make a little bit of noise during Worship, then let’s hear it as a joyful noise.  If volunteers are needed to support our education programs, then let’s volunteer.  If we’re called to model the faith practice of study, then let’s join a study group.  If we’re called to work on a service project, then let’s serve together.

    We're all called to fulfill our Baptismal Promises, and 
    WEogether  helps us do that TOGETHER.

  • The foundation of WEogether is Worship.  Worship is our way of expressing our gratitude and love to God.  We gather weekly to be with Community, hear the Word, sing songs of praise, and receive the gift of Holy Communion.  It’s a Celebration each week!

    Families with kids of all ages are encouraged to attend worship together.  Individuals of all ages are encouraged to attend worship.  We love seeing the pews filled with big families, small families, and individuals finding a home with our Desert Cross family.  There are many benefits to all generations worshipping Together.

    When we gather Together, we're doing what followers of Jesus have done since the beginning of Christianity.  Remember the story in Acts describing the start of the early Church?  “Day by day, as they spent much time together in the temple, they broke bread at home and ate their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having the goodwill of all the people.  And day by day the Lord added to their numbers those who were being saved” (Acts 2: 46-47).  Folks gathered for worship then as we gather for worship today.

    Do you sometimes wonder about the whats, hows, and whys of our Lutheran Worship Services?  If so, check out the “Worship 101” article from the June 2019 edition of Living Lutheran.  The article is on pp. 14-19.  Click the link below to read the article.  In the meantime, see you at Worship!
    Worship 101

  • WEogether Learn is a key part of WEogether.  Studying God's Word is an important Faith Practice.  Scripture is our guide, our road map in life.

    We're never too young . . . or too old for 
    WEogether Learn.  We offer Littlest Lutherans for our littlest ones, Adult Forum for our older ones, and Education for everyone in between!  At Desert Cross, we're happy to say we have Education for All.

    Education for All this year will focus on the Lectionary.  The text read each week at Worship follow the Revised Common Lectionary, a three-year cycle of readings used by Churches throughout the world.  This will be a great way for us to connect 
    WEogether Worship with WEogether Learn. 

    Our Children's Education looks a little different this year.  Shannon Fossett, our Director of Children's Ministries, designed a Sunday morning program that uses stations similar to our VBS summer program.  Kids gather in groups and experience the lesson through two different learning stations each week.  Crafts, music, Bible study, science, games.  It's a great way to learn TOGETHER!

    Please set aside time after Worship to Study the Word in Community.  

  • Service is part of the Desert Cross DNA.  We're called to Serve, and at Desert Cross we offer Service Sunday as part of WEogether.  We Serve Together by gathering side by side with all ages.

    We walk in the CROP Walk.  We thank First Responders at Transportation Day.  We pack meals at Feed My Starving Children.  An added benefit of We Serve Together is that the Gilbert Site and Tempe Site come TOGETHER.  What a great way to gather!

    Mark your calendars for our next 
    WEogether Service Sunday on March 1.  We'll gather together at the Gilbert Site for a Transportation Day.  For more information, contact Shannon Fossett at sfossett@desertcross.org

    Save the date for our Feed My Starving Children Packing Event on SATURDAY, May 2.  For more information, contact Denise McClellan at dmcclellan@desertcross.org

  • Parents do you know how important you are to your child's faith formation?  You are #1!  The WEogether Team, sat in on a recent online presentation with Barna.  Barna is a research firm specializing in studying the religious beliefs and behavior of Americans.  They've been a leader in the field for thirty years.  You can check out a link to their website below.

    Their research shows that faith is overwhelmingly passed down by family.  When asked in a survey to report who has been an influence on your faith walk, 68% said their mother, 48% said their father, and 37% said a grandparent.  Yet, when asked, many of us feel inadequate in answering our children's questions about faith.

    So, we want to partner with you.  YOU are a vital part of passing on the faith to your child.  Let us help you with that through 
    WEogether.  Let's Worship Together.  Let's Learn Together.  Let's Serve Together.  Let's be family to, and for, each other.


  • WEogether includes time for Fellowship.  Time to enjoy a snack.  Time to visit with old friends.  Time to meet new friends.  Hanging out with our church family is important . . . and fun!

    After Sunday morning Worship in Gilbert, head into the Fellowship Hall for a treat.  Enjoy a cup of coffee and some conversation.

    After Sunday morning Worship in Tempe, head into the Fellowship Hall for a snack.  The Tempe Adult Forum is moving locations so that the Fellowship Hall is open all morning for more time to visit and get connected.

    Obviously, providing this ministry requires many helping hands.  If you'd like to volunteer for fellowship at either site, please contact the church office at 480-730-8600.

  • We all know that Sunday morning church attendance has changed over the last couple of decades.  Families have many things pulling them away from the formerly traditional schedule of every Sunday morning at church.

    We recognize this new reality at Desert Cross, and we want you to know that you're  missed when you're not here!  Gathering together as a Community is vital, and we want you here as often as possible.

    Faith Formation doesn't just happen on Sunday morning.  It's a 24/7 thing.  So, 
    WEogether wants to go Home with you!  Before you start to panic that you have some uninvited house guests, let us explain!  Desert Cross wants to help folks of all ages with their faith walk.  The WEogether Team put together a Faith Formation Website so that you can access the Desert Cross Community 24/7.

    We're hoping to provide you with some good tools to explore the Good News anytime you have the time.  Spiritual articles.  Intriguing essays.  Beautiful artwork.  Inspiring music.

    Exploring Faith.  Making Connections.  That's the hope of this new project.

    Click the link below to explore the Desert Cross Faith Formation Website.  Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and get signed up to follow the website.  That way you'll receive an email when we post new content.

    Desert Cross Faith Formation Website

    If you have any questions, contact Denise McClellan at
    dmcclellan@desertcross.org or 480-730-8600

  • WEogether meets at both sites.  Please see the schedules below.  We love gathering to Worship, Learn, and Serve Together.

    WEogether Schedule Tempe Site
    8:00-9:00 am     Traditional Worship
    9:00 am              Fellowship
    9:30-10:30 am    
    WEogether Worship
    10:30-11:30 am   
    WEogether Learn

    WEogether Schedule Gilbert Site
    9:00-10:00 am    
    WEogether Worship
    10:00 am             Fellowship
    10:15-11:15 am     
    WEogether Learn