Desert Cross is using the recommendations of the ELCA, our Bishop in the Grand Canyon Synod, the CDC, and the Arizona Department of Health Services when making decisions to gather. Because of the numbers in our area and the new guidelines from the CDC, we are now meeting in-person for worship, without limitations (masks are optional). We will continue to live stream from our Tempe Sanctuary each week for those joining us at home and communion kits are available to pick up in the Tempe office during office hours. Office hours are: Monday through Thursday 9am-4:30pm and Friday 9am-12pm.

Our ChristCare groups and other small group ministries are continuing to connect in a variety of ways (visit the Connect - ChristCare page for group information). Check the Events page for all of the groups and ministries that are meeting on a weekly or monthly basis.

We are sharing good news stories - modern day Gospel stories - twice a week on our Stories of Joy blog. On the first of the month we post new Education Playlists on our Faith Formation website . We have something for everyone with Children, Youth, and Adult Playlists. The theme is the same for each, but the material is different.

Each month we also host an outreach collection with the goal of providing much needed resources for organizations within our community.

If you are looking for ways to get involved or help as we continue to navigate our current world, here are some ideas for you to consider:

  1. Pray: Pray for those working in our hospitals, grocery stores, first responders, our leaders, the community, our world. Pray for those who are sick, who are anxious, for teachers, for students, and for those facing financial hardships.
  2. Donate Blood: If you are healthy and low risk, please consider registering online at and schedule an appointment at a facility near you. There is a strong need for blood donors. Be sure to check our Event page! Desert Cross hosts multiple blood drives a year in our Tempe Community Center.
  3. Support local businesses. Especially those that support the community, like Hidden Treasures Thrift Store. 
  4. Continue to support Desert Cross so that we can continue to support our mission and ministries. We are doing our best to maintain normal operations and evolving our ministries.  

We are here for you and we will continue to be here for you as a welcoming and supportive faith community.


Ways to Support Your Mental Health

Pastor Andrea and Denise Viker, our Parish Nurse, encourage you to take some time to care for your mental health. Our mental health is influenced by so many things. The links below provide some resources regardless of where you are today.

Short-term Crisis Counciling Services from the State of Arizona.

Move More resources from the American Heart Association.

Supportive Care Coalition has resources for both caregivers and others looking to recharge.

Mental Wellness Coloring Pages from Aurora Behavioral Health.