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Jesus said to the disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Matthew 9:37 

Stellar VBS 2023 (Vacation Bible School) launched at Desert Cross! What a joy to see eager children of varied ages gather to “Shine Jesus Light!” Youth and adult servants gathered with the children generously sharing their faith to discover Jesus’ love and how to be mirrors of that love. On the screen the lyrics to the song say, “He is the light that breaks through the darkness.” The theme of Day One was, “When life feels dark, shine Jesus’ light!” We sure do need some light right now. And we are the workers sent to shine that light. Now! Right now! 

Jesus gives us all we need to share our faith and shine his light into the world now. He sent his disciples out as workers into the world, and he asked them to make new workers for his kingdom. That is what happens at VBS! One special week set aside to pour love into our youngest disciples and a chance for youth and adults to lead, serve, and set an example of how to live out your faith. This is the example we need to follow to make a difference in our community and world!

his all brings to mind the song For Such a Time as This written about Queen Esther and her challenge to set aside her personal gains and selfish ambitions to serve God’s people to bring about grace, mercy, and justice in the kingdom. Click on the video link to see the lyrics to this timely song,  “Now. What I have is right now. To be faithful, to be holy, and to shine lighting up the darkness!”  

It is you and it is me. This is our time to hear God’s voice and to follow the call to be stellar disciples sharing God’s mercy and grace with a world seeking answers.

This is Our Time, Pastor Andrea