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Canyon Lake

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31

While on a break, I invite you to ingest and digest this Creed of Rest and make it your own:


Peaceful stillness is my natural state.

On a quiet morning, when the wind is calm, a mountain lake is still and serene. Calm is the natural state of the waters just as peaceful stillness is my natural state of being.

If I feel agitated by conditions in the outer world, I remember that beyond the waves of anxiety or doubt, there is a reservoir of peace.

I may not be able to quiet the activity of others, but I can quiet my own. I slow down and take a meditative pause. I inhale and exhale with the intention of soothing my state of mind. I don’t deny difficulty, but I aim to address it with calm serenity. 

I return to my natural state of inner stillness. True peace is found within me. I allow that peace to guide my words and actions. 

Rest in Jesus, Pastor Andrea