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How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! Romans 10:15

My Grandma B. purchased a piano when she was 80 years old! She promptly began piano lessons, and her favorite music was from her United Methodist Book of Worship. Playing piano with Grandma was a joy because she took such delight in our mutual love of music. My favorite memory is Grandpa B. standing at the piano belting out his favorite hymn “How Great Thou Art” while Grandma accompanied. I guess you could say Grandma had beautiful feet because she brought good news to me.

Grandma showed me how important faith was to her. She wanted to pass on the faith to the next generations in her own ways. I recently came across a precious letter that Grandma B. wrote as a mentor to my mother sharing her ideas for being a good Sunday School teacher after my mother volunteered for the job. Grandma’s love for passing on the faith was palpable on the page. Grandma B. was by no means perfect, yet she could still share Jesus’ love in beautiful ways. She embraced life in the moment and was willing to learn new things. I always knew Grandma loved me no matter what.

We are all a lot like Grandma B. Imperfect beings with beautiful feet. We want to pass on the faith in our own ways as we share the good news of Jesus’ love for us, and we can do that in our own ways. As we journey together this Lent “Figuring out faith with Peter,” we can take time to reflect on our own faith journeys. We are a lot like Peter who had ups and downs while Jesus remained a steadfast friend. As we reflect, think back on who shared their faith with you. Who shaped your faith? And how do you pass on the faith these days? Where will your beautiful feet take you next? Let’s raise that up in prayer and see where God leads us to share the good news!

Step by step, Pastor Andrea