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Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. Matthew 28:16  

This Argentine Giant cactus blooms one time per year. The first time it bloomed there was one giant flower. We were so excited with the vibrant irridescent pink bloom that shimmered in the sunlight! The next year there were two blooms. The year after that there were four blooms. Now look at the glorious community of blooms this cactus presents to the world! This is so stunning that our neighbor brought her daughter over to take pictures! She shared the pictures with her family and friends across the globe. The multiplication of the blooms took time, light, and loving care, but the result is spectacular!  

This reminds me of the church community. We also need time, the light of Christ, and love to grow, but we have so much more effect together than we do alone. We are individually beautiful just like the cactus flowers, but together our impact on others can be spectacular! Did you ever notice in the gospels that Jesus chose to be in community? He sent his disciples together on missions and asked them to pray together in community. He sent them out together to share the good news, support each other, and make more disciples!  

It is encouraging to see the beautiful effects of the Desert Cross community when folks gather together to worship, pray, and serve. We are stronger together, and we need each other! I see, feel, and hear about the effects of our community gathering in support around folks in need. What a blessing it is to live in a community of people committed to sharing the beauty of God’s love. Thank you for all the ways you share in our community’s mission to share, love, and serve as Jesus sends us into the world to grow our community and to make disciples! We are truly glorious together! 

Bloom together, Pastor Andrea