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In his name the nations will put their hope. Matthew 12:21 

2022 has proven to be a difficult post-pandemic year with economic challenges, political strife, and continued divisions. Many are personally struggling with the effects of the pandemic and continued changes in most areas of life. On September 11th we will observe the 21st anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11 reflecting on the lives lost, remembering families in prayer, and giving thanks for those who served. Even in that dark time many lights of hope were shining through the service of many people.  

We have faced countless difficult times both in the U.S. and around the world but never alone. Remember God’s promise to be with us always sharing our suffering and our joy. We must put our hope in God and continue to look for signs of “God with us.” We must continue to look for the rainbows in the acts of kindness that continue in the challenges. 

A special person in my family recently shared this pic of a rainbow. It’s distinctive because this rainbow is arcing over a hospital where hope is an essential ingredient to healing. Doctors and nurses make great sacrifices to show loving care to patients in need each day. Martin Luther called the church a “hospital for sinners” open for all those in need of healing faith, hope, and love. It is my hope that we can share that healing love with anyone in need. Receiving that rainbow photo brought hope to my week as I remembered God’s promise to always be with us. As Matthew 12 says, our hope is in Jesus.  

So look for the rainbows. And if you come across a rainbow in your week, share it with a friend. You never know how much it might mean at just the right time. These are such hard times, but it won't be forever. What IS forever is God's promise of unconditional love for you!  

Hang onto hope, Pastor Andrea