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The city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing there. Zechariah 8:5

There was a surprise on our hotel California patio! A giant yard Connect 4! As we gazed out the lobby windows, my husband said, “Let’s play!” I was hesitant but willing. I would have never played the game if I hadn’t been encouraged or invited. But boy was I glad I did! It was so fun to play several rounds of this game just relaxing and having fun together. It brought joy to my heart to return to play, and I was better for it!

The prophet Zechariah called God’s people to return to the Lord after the return from exile from Babylon to Jerusalem. In Zechariah’s prophecy God promises to bless Jerusalem. This blessing calls for faithful living and trust in the fulfilment of God’s promises for peace. Part of the blessing includes the city streets filled with boys and girls playing after chaotic and difficult times. Play is a vision of hope in difficult times. The return of joy and peace follows because of God’s grace and forgiveness. Zechariah calls the people to depend upon God’s spirit to be faithful.

This vision reminds us that a sign of trust in God’s blessing is play. We need play in our lives to fill us with joy, so we believe that we can still have fun and that is hopeful. Living out our faith can be fun, and it can include laughter and games and joy. So when is the last time you played? Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, so let’s play and see what happens to your heart as you depend on God’s spirit for faithful living.

Have fun, Pastor Andrea