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I am the resurrection and the life. John 11:25a 

I never thought I could be delighted by a stairway, but this one delivered! Turning the corner to climb the stairs, I was thrilled to discover three beautiful prisms adorning the first three steps. This plain, gray, stone stairway was warmed by the sun and illuminated with a path of light and three prisms which I count as rainbows. It was a surprising God-moment that brought me unexpected joy in an ordinary day. It reminded me that God is with me. 

As we seek the way in life, we are guided by our hope in Christ. Even when the path is unclear or dark, the light of Christ shows us the way. God is truly with us and turns up in surprising ways. This was the case when Jesus’ friend, Lazarus, had died and his family was mourning at his tomb. Jesus surprised them and resuscitated Lazarus to create faith in him and belief that he is the resurrection and the life. The way to peace and joy is hope in Christ. Look around you for extraordinary God-moments in ordinary days and prepare to be surprised when you seek what you shall find! 

God is with you, Pastor Andrea