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In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy… Philippians 1:4

I was recently gifted an Apple watch from a family member. It was something I never wanted but didn’t know I needed! This little marvel of technology is bringing me small joys each day with the interactive Snoopy watch face displaying Snoopy’s playful spirit. Snoopy interacts with Woodstock and the hands of the watch to bring the time of day, time of year, and the weather to life. Each time you check, Snoopy and Woodstock are frolicking across the screen jumping rope together, flying through space, or playing golf. Many times Snoopy is somehow helping Woodstock.

Snoopy has always been my favorite character. As a child I loved reading the Peanuts™ comic strips and watching the once per year TV specials. Snoopy was sassy and funny and such a good friend to Woodstock. Now I get to see Snoopy all the time. Every time I check the time, no matter what is ahead, it makes me smile, and a small joy fills my spirit no matter what is happening. It really is such a small thing that can bring a smile and some joy each day even in the hard times! Seeing Snoopy and Woodstock connects me with childhood joys and reminds about being a good friend and helping others.

There is so much heaviness in the world and in our lives. We could all use little moments of connection and joy each day. What brings you joy? How could you find a simple way to enjoy a small joy on a more regular basis? We need small joys to get through each day and to feel hopeful about our lives. My prayer is that we each find time to find small joys each day.

Keeping time, Pastor Andrea