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We thank God for you, because your faith is growing abundantly, and the love you have for one another is increasing. 2 Thessalonians 1:3 

Have you ever tried to grow an orchid? I have. It takes lots of patience, TLC, and tending to coax an orchid to rebloom. Unfortunately, my tending was too sporadic, and eventually my orchid withered due to a of lack of TLC. On the other hand, a family member tended this orchid thriving with four new, gorgeous blooms! Those amazing flowers are a result of faithful tending to ensure regular watering, ample lighting, and the right room humidity and temperature. Tending takes time. Tending takes commitment. Tending produces growth and beauty as a result of TLC – tender, loving, care!  

In the same way, our faith needs tending with TLC! In order for our faith to grow abundantly, and our love for one another to increase, it takes our intentional commitment of time and energy. It requires feeding our faith with regular, intentional tending through worship, prayer, bible study, serving, and building relationships in community.  

In order to tend our faith, we can ask some questions: How are my worship, prayer and service life? How can I increase my love for others in relationship? We can commit to small steps to grow in faith and love through Desert Cross’ ministries: Commit to daily prayer, weekly worship, join a Christcare group, C3, 55+, or Young Adults, attend adult forum, volunteer for our missions, teach in faith formation, give faithfully, serve as a worship assistant. Start with one thing and with patience and daily commitment, growth and beauty will bloom from tending your faith with TLC! 

Tend your faith, Pastor Andrea