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“… your light shall rise in the darkness…” Isaiah 58:10b 

How many songs can you brainstorm that relate to the sun? This is the list I came up with in just a few seconds: 

You Are the Sunshine of My Life, Sunshine of Your Love, Here Comes the Sun, Sunshine On My Shoulders, Walking on Sunshine, Ain’t No Sunshine, You Are My Sunshine 

A quick google search revealed many more sunny songs reflecting our fascination with sunshine. My fascination is played out with photos of sunrise and sunset. I captured this photo of the setting sun at Sky Harbor. Funny thing is I didn’t realize that I was capturing the sun. I was focused on the dark palm trees. It was only after I viewed the pic on my phone that I exclaimed to my husband, “That’s the sun!” I just wasn’t looking for the source of the light. It can be like that in our faith lives, too.  

Worshiping in the Epiphany season gives us an intentional opportunity to look for the light before we enter the darker Lenten season, so we can see the light still shining in the darkness. We reflect with God’s word on the light of the world, Jesus Christ. The prophet Isaiah tells us that with our worship of God and acts of service, our light will rise in the darkness. Always remember Jesus is the source of our light we are called to shine into the world through our loving words and actions. Just as the sun is the source of each sunrise and sunset, we are promised each and every day that Jesus is the sunshine of our love! When we worship we are walking on sunshine and there ain’t no sunshine like the light of Christ.  

Trust that you are the sunshine of God’s life. You are the apple of God’s eye. God has loved you for a million years. God will always stay around, and forever you’ll stay in God’s heart! We are all seeking the light, but we are all called to be the light. Thank you for shining the light of Christ in so many ways!  

You are my sunshine,

Pastor Andrea