Good morning Desert Cross!

Today's our day! It's our second annual Day of Giving and we are excited to re-engage our high school youth, build on the relationships between our youngest members and the role models that serve them, and welcome families with young kids to worship. All of this will be accomplished with the re-opening of our nurseries at both sites.

As previous announced, our goal is $7,000 and we feel that this is an obtainable goal. For example, it would only take 140 gifts of $50. However, if you feel called and are able to give more, we will use gifts that exceed our goal to enhance our music ministries. Please know that any size gift is appreciated.

Below you will find a video testimonial from Denise Viker, our Parish Nurse, as well as two former youth that served in the nurseries. 

Please know that your generous hearts are what fuel our ministries and we appreciate you. Thank you for supporting Desert Cross, our mission, and our ministries.


To give, click anywhere on the site that says GIVE. This will take you to our giving page. You can access the giving platform from this page. Once there, select Day of Giving 2022 from the drop down menu. If you are planning to drop off a gift in the church office, please make sure to label it with "Day of Giving" to avoid any confusion.