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Dear Friends of Desert Cross and Spirit of Joy,

As part of our Maundy Thursday service this year we will be enacting the "Living Last Supper," a historical documentary of how each Disciple came to know Jesus, where they prophesized, and what happened to them after the crucifixion. 

We will need 13 actors to participate. Each disciple will speak about their relationship with Jesus. Scripts are provided and are no more than about a few lines, many referencing what you already have heard in scripture. The program runs about 30 minutes.

We currently have 3 actors committed. If you would like to participate and have a part, please reach out to Chip Stoecker as soon as possible. No more than 2 rehearsals are needed. The first to hand out parts and explain the process, the second a walk through. Each rehearsal about an hour, probably on Sunday morning after the Desert Cross worship service.

We will also need a few volunteers for setup, costumes, etc. 

To reach Chip Stoecker, please email at