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Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another. Mark 9:50b 

Jesus tells us to be salty. Just watch the evening news and you will see very salty people. Peole are insulting each other at school meetings, attacking each other on airlines, and being rude on the roadways. But that’s not the brand of salty Jesus is promoting when he says “have salt in yourselves.” No, his meaning is made clear when he continues “and be at peace with one another.” 

Jesus tells us to be salty. When Jesus says to be salty, he’s talking about being salty with love. He calls us to salt the world with love. He says, “Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another.” But if you aren’t doing your job and being salty with love, then it’s harmful.  

Salt is a very important element of life. Salt comes in all sizes, textures, and colors of the rainbow. Just like there are many varieties of salt, so we are all unique in the ways we can be salty and season people’s lives. When you are salty Jesus style – when you are seasoning people’s lives with hope, love, mercy – you are looking beyond yourself to make the world a better place. 

Desert Cross invites you to be salty with us. Salt makes us thirsty, so let your thirst be quenched by our worship online or in-person – each week there are 5 different worship options to join so you can praise God and be equipped to share peace in your everyday life. Join in our fellowship after worship to meet a new friend such as our new members who are joining us this weekend, and then head over to our faith formation classes where we will all learn about Welcome which is just another way to be salty!  

If you can’t join us in person, go to our website and our faith formation website for equipping articles about faith and life and to go through our online playlists for children, youth and adults for self-paced, multi-sensory learning modalities. Share your time by volunteering with one of our ministries, and share your treasures through our online giving button, text giving, or the offering basket on Sunday so we can continue our mission reaching out beyond our walls to season other’s lives with God’s peace and love. You can help us show the world how to be salty Jesus style. 

Yes, we are a very salty church, and we invite you to join us in seasoning the world with God’s peace.

With zest, Pastor Andrea