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In May our daughter, Nicole, came to visit from Wisconsin. It was the first time we had seen or hugged her since January 2020. It was a joyful visit! It filled me with hope and brought back the joy of gathering with loved ones and friends. We took Nicole to visit Wonderspaces Arizona in Scottsdale Fashion Square, and one of my favorite art creations was the disco ball display, Light Leaks by Kyle McDonald & Jonas Jongejan. It made me want to dance and filled me with more joy! 

The atmosphere is joy-filled as we worship! Gathering together to worship, sing, and celebrate together turns our mourning into dancing! It fills us with hope for the days ahead. We have so much for which to thank God. We can share in the words of Psalm 30 with the song, Mourning into Dancing, below!

PS: To maintain consistency, unity, and best use of our resources:

Worship continues in Tempe at 9am w/live stream and 10:30am;

Worship continues in Gilbert at 9am

We are working on operations, office, campus, and worship practices with the new guidelines in the weeks ahead. Thank you for your patience and for helping to make Desert Cross a joyful place! 

Dancing with joy, Pastor Andrea