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Our momentary troubles are achieving for us
an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 2 Corinthians 4:17
Our toothpick cactus bloomed for the first time in 6 years! It produced one, gorgeous white flower with pink tips and yellow pistils like a sunset. After 24 hours it shriveled up and fell to the ground, so it’s a good think we were looking in the moment. It’s a reminder that we in the church need to have our eyes open and watching for new mission opportunities arising from the adversity of the pandemic.
Many challenges converged in the pandemic sparked by racial and social injustice, political division, distancing, and economic hardship. The effects are long lasting and some are just becoming apparent. This is true in the church, as we take stock and try to understand the impact on our community. Some embraced the pivotal changes we made and engaged in online worship and playlists, snack mission, zoom prayers, youth groups and children’s ministries. Others drifted, scattered, found new activities or divided over politicized scientific and theological issues. Desert Cross adapted, changed, and met the challenge finding fresh ways to do ministry in the most difficult circumstances, yet we are feeling the negative effects in our participation and mission support. This quote reflects my belief:
“Resilience is not just about surviving adversity; it’s about being improved by it.”
In the midst of all the pandemic adversity, we found new ways to do ministry apart. Together we are poised to discover more new ways of doing ministry to meet the challenges. This is a unique moment in time to imagine new ways of being church while expanding our understanding of the inclusion and diversity of Jesus. One way to start is learning about the Juneteenth federal holiday on June 19, 2021:
Moving forward and regrouping is a reciprocal activity between leadership and people, and we need to share energy, creativity, and ideas in partnership so we can take the love of Jesus to our community in new ways. Let’s not miss the moment. Join with us as we make a new future for the mission and ministry of Desert Cross in our neighborhoods and in our world.
Grace & peace, Pastor Andrea