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Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2a 

How are you feeling in these prolonged pandemic days? We are all on a long-haul journey through this pandemic with extreme strains on our economic and employment system, struggles with schooling and child care, raging political battles, and stressful news every day. Many have anxious spirits and tired minds. According to The Energy Project consulting group, these signs of burnout are “the inevitable consequence of prolonged, unmanaged stress.” Burnout causes us to enter “Allostatic Overload” when the demands of life exceed our supply of energy.  

A concerned friend recently shared these four “Energy Zones” asking where I see myself as a leader of the church in pandemic times:  

  • Performance Zone: Confident, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Upbeat
  • Survival Zone: Impatient, Anxious, Fearful, Angry
  • Burnout Zone: Exhausted, Empty, Sad, Depressed
  • Renewal Zone: Serene, Mellow, Carefree, Peaceful  

Which zone do you see yourself in today? The baby giraffe pictured napping at the San Diego Zoo is definitely in the Renewal Zone and that is what I wish for you and for me! In Romans 12 the Apostle Paul invites us to make like the baby giraffe and renew our minds in Christ through service and loving our neighbor being grounded in faith.  

How do we renew our minds? Try daily prayer with an app such as “Pray as You Go.” Try meditation or centering prayer with an app or use our website resources. Come to weekly worship or join our live stream. Come to faith formation or use our digital Playlists. Go for a walk or sit outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Listen to music or talk to a friend. Reach out for help. Set aside time each day to take care of you, my friend. Together we can take small steps to move from Allostatic Overload to the Renewal Zone trusting Christ to meet us where we are and go with us. 

Peace my friends, Pastor Andrea