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 Look to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith …”  Hebrews 12:2 

A staff member shared this real-life “Norman Rockwell” as a depiction of missing the beauty of the moment by looking elsewhere. We have many distractions these days that draw our attention away from the beauty of what is right in front of us. Where is your focus these days?  

Our Desert Cross community gives us the opportunity to focus on living out our faith in the God of love that we worship in Jesus Christ. As Christian Americans we are free people, but as Martin Luther points out, we are free in Christ. That means our freedom is to be used to serve others. And our focus on faith helps us make important life decisions while we use our energy sharing our gifts to promote peace, hope, and love in this world.

I hope you focus on all the diverse opportunities provided through our mission and ministry. Navigate our new website, read our weekly updates, check out our faith formation website, attend worship online or in-person, engage with the new Desert Cross Serves eblasts for hands-on serving opportunities with community partners. Contribute to our outreach ministries, faith formation, and invitations to help in worship and outside our walls. If not you, who? 

Desert Cross is faithfully striving to innovate in these unprecedented, difficult times of shifting attendance with less giving and participation. Your leadership is preparing the strategic plan and modifying the budget to support it. Big changes are ahead for our ministry to continue under these conditions. Meanwhile we are working hard behind the scenes to grow our ministries of love and service. We need your focus and participation to make us a thriving faith community! We give thanks for all who are committed and engaged with us! 

Our latest chance to focus on faith is this Reformation Sunday. We will celebrate our freedom as Christians with worship and our Desert Cross Serves event brought to you by the Faith Formation Team. Join us as we gather in fellowship hall for our inter-generational service event to pack meals of love for those experiencing homelessness. No matter what else is happening around us, don’t miss the moments to focus on faith! 

In faith, Pastor Andrea