Join us Lenten Sundays and Wednesdays for Full to the Brim -- An Expansive Lent by A Sanctified Art. We will explore sacred texts, poetry, and art brimming with God's expansive gospel of grace. Be filled to the brim with God's lavish love that spills over, reaches beyond ourselves, and like water, rushes and flows, touching everything in its path.

All services in-person.

Livestream services: Sundays at 10:30am, Ash Wednesday at 7pm, Maundy Thursday at 7pm, Good Friday at 7pm, and Easter Sunday at 10:30am. 

Lent 1 - Full to the Brim: With all that you are
Lent 2 - Full to the Brim: Even in the desert
Lent 3 - Full to the Brim: You are worthy
Lent 4 - Full to the Brim: Prodigal grace
Lent 5 - Full to the Brim: Brazen acts of beauty


A Sanctified Art currated a playlist on Spotify to go along with the Full to the Brim theme. Check out the Spotify playlist here(You may need to sign up if you do not already have an account.)




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