Desert Cross offers weekly and special programs for youth ages 6th-12th grade to grow in faith and friendship together! Programs include Sunday morning education, Confirmation, mid-week programs, summer camp, and mission trips!  

The mission of our youth ministry is to capture and cultivate the hearts of Middle School and High School students for Christ’s sake.  We are convinced that youth ministry at DCLC is uniquely equipped for ministry to youth and their families.  Within the context of caring relationships, we can provide students with: relevant encounters with God who loves them dearly, caring connections with peers and adults, and opportunities to practice service to others.

It is our goal to be a chief outpost for the Gospel of Christ among youth and their families.  We have created an environment in which: students feel safe, the individual student and their relationships experience the restorative work of the Gospel, students can reach out to friends and family members with the love and grace they have received from Christ, and students are equipped to live faithfully in the Body of Christ, their family and their community.

Please reach out if you have questions about details.  

You will find resources for education on our Faith Formation site at Please visit our Youth Playlist while you are there.

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