Building Homes
Voltunteers from Desert Cross often serve on Saturdays. (To receive schedule updates, you will need to request them from The schedule is typically 7:30am - 1pm with lunch at 11am. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start to sign in and attend the morning prayer.

Individuals interested in building used to be able to simply show up, but volunteer procedures have changed. In order to sign up to volunteer, please visit the Volunteer Hub here. It is important to sign up using the link EACH WEEK you plan on volunteering. ***Please try to sign up by the Sunday before the date that you want to serve.***

There is a rain hotline and you can reach it by calling (602) 262-8679.

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to volunteer for construction and must be at least 18 to use power tools or be on the roof. Experience is not required but always welcome.

What to Wear 
  • CLOSED-TOE and shoes with backs. Work boots are preferred but thick soled tennis shoes will be allowed. Please make sure that tennis shoes have a solid grip on the sole.
  • Please wear “work clothes” or clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. (no tank-tops or “short” shorts)

What to Bring 

  • Water Bottle (water to fill your bottle with will be available)
  • Sun Block
  • Tools: Habitat provides all hand tools, power tools, aprons, and supplies. There is no need to bring anything unless you rather use your own tools and tool belt. Do not bring power tools.